Government Assignment for SS 2
  • 1. 1. The major advantage of the secret ballot is that
A) Nobody can be prevented from voting
B) It is faster than other systems
C) It ensures the anonymity of each voter
D) It extends the franchise to all adults
  • 2. 2. Functions of Election include all but one
A) It grants power to the Executive
B) It fosters democracy
C) Legitimacy
D) Election of representatives
  • 3. 3. The election that takes place to fill a vacant elective post as a result of disqualification, resignation or death of individual holding that office is ______
A) Re-run election
B) Direct election
C) Plebiscite
D) Bye-election
  • 4. 4. Moving around to supervise the conduct of elections is the work of _______
A) Polling agents
B) Supervisory officers
C) Security officers
D) Electoral commision
  • 5. 5. A system where the electorate elect the members of parliament who in turn vote on behalf of the people is ______
A) Public voting
B) Direct election
C) Run of election
D) Primary election
  • 6. 6. Functions of electoral commision include the following
A) Free and fair elections
B) They manipulate results
C) Voting during election
D) They represent the candidates or political parties at the polling unit
  • 7. 7. The yes or no vote of the people, especially on issues of national importance is referred to as ______
A) Nomination
B) Second ballot
C) Plebiscite
D) Referendum
  • 8. 8. The belief, values and attitudes which are commonly held and expressed by the majority of the people on a given public issue is _____
A) Public voting
B) Public opinion
C) Debate
D) Franchise
  • 9. 9. Public opinion is formed through all but one
A) Families
B) Mass media
C) Bureau of information
D) Opinion poll
  • 10. 10. Which of the following is the importance of public opinion
A) Cabinet reshuffles
B) Press freedom
C) Raising literacy level
D) Screening of the government
  • 11. 11. A body or department in the executive arm of government that assist in the planning and implementation of government policies is ______
A) Civil society
B) Civil service
C) Government workers
D) Public service
  • 12. 12. The political head and chief executive of a ministry is either a _______ or a ________
A) Minister or Principal
B) Minister or Director General
C) Head of department or Administrative
D) Minister or commissioner
  • 13. 13. Which of the following is a characteristics of Public opinion?
A) Expression by Government
B) Expression by family members
C) Public opinion is static
D) Expression by private persons
  • 14. 14. Public opinion is measured through ______
A) Telephone calls
B) Cabinet members
C) Primary election
D) The legislature
  • 15. 15. The administrative head and the accounting officer of a ministry is _______
A) Governor General
B) Chief Executive
C) The Director General
D) Commisioner
  • 16. 16. The Administrative class of the Civil Service include all but one
A) Deputy Governors
B) Director Generals
C) Deputy Director Generals
D) Principal Officers
  • 17. 17. The functions of the Civil Service include ______
A) They enforce rules on government institutions
B) Impeachment of government officials
C) Delimitation of the country
D) They draft bill
  • 18. 18. All but one is not a problem of the Civil Service
A) Red-tapism
B) Tenure of office
C) Over duplication of functions
D) Lukewarm attitude
  • 19. 19. Tribalism, nepotism and favouritism can lead to the appointment of _________ into the civil service
A) Partisan leaders
B) Unskilled leaders
C) Well trained personnel
D) Unqualified personnel
  • 20. 20. All the following are structures of the Civil Service except ______
A) The executive class
B) Administrative class
C) The Charismatic class
D) The professional class
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