Johann Goethe (poet)
  • 1. When did Johann Wolfgang von Goethe pass away?
A) 1815
B) 1845
C) 1832
D) 1789
  • 2. In which city did Johann Wolfgang von Goethe die?
A) Vienna
B) Weimar
C) Munich
D) Berlin
  • 3. What was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's occupation?
A) Politician
B) Poet
C) Scientist
D) Painter
  • 4. Who was Goethe's close friend and collaborator?
A) Kant
B) Schiller
C) Schopenhauer
D) Hegel
  • 5. In which European country was Goethe born?
A) France
B) Austria
C) Italy
D) Germany
  • 6. What university did Goethe attend?
A) University of Göttingen
B) University of Jena
C) University of Leipzig
D) University of Heidelberg
  • 7. What was the spiritual sequel to Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther?
A) Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship
B) The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
C) Elective Affinities
D) Faust
  • 8. What was Goethe's definitive work that he worked on for over 60 years?
A) Elective Affinities
B) West-Eastern Divan
C) Faust
D) The Sorrows of Young Werther
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