Colony for freed American slaves established in Liberia
  • 1. When was the first colony for freed American slaves established in Liberia?
A) 1822
B) 1789
C) 1860
D) 1845
  • 2. Who was the organization that founded the colony in Liberia?
A) American Colonization Society
B) Red Cross
C) United Nations
D) World Health Organization
  • 3. What was the name of the first settlement in Liberia formed by freed slaves?
A) Libertyville
B) Monrovia
C) Freeport
D) Kingston
  • 4. Which U.S. President was a supporter of the colonization of freed American slaves in Liberia?
A) Abraham Lincoln
B) Thomas Jefferson
C) George Washington
D) James Monroe
  • 5. What is the name of the indigenous people of Liberia who resisted colonization?
A) Zulu
B) Kru
C) Hutu
D) Maasai
  • 6. Who was the first President of Liberia, serving from 1848 to 1856?
A) James Monroe
B) Abraham Lincoln
C) Joseph Jenkins Roberts
D) Thomas Jefferson
  • 7. What was the name of the ship that brought freed American slaves to establish the colony in Liberia?
A) Santa Maria
B) Endeavour
C) Mayflower
D) Elizabeth
  • 8. What was the predominant religion of the early settlers in Liberia?
A) Christianity
B) Islam
C) Buddhism
D) Hinduism
  • 9. Which natural resource played a significant role in Liberia's economy during the 20th century?
A) Oil
B) Rubber
C) Diamonds
D) Gold
  • 10. What year did Liberia declare its independence from the American Colonization Society?
A) 1832
B) 1799
C) 1865
D) 1847
  • 11. Who was the first female President of Liberia, serving from 2006 to 2018?
A) Michelle Bachelet
B) Angela Merkel
C) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
D) Theresa May
  • 12. Where did most of the freed American slaves who settled in Liberia come from?
A) Canada
B) Mexico
C) United States
D) Brazil
  • 13. Which African country is located east of Liberia?
A) Côte d'Ivoire
B) Nigeria
C) Sierra Leone
D) Ghana
  • 14. What is the predominant climate type in Liberia?
A) Steppe
B) Desert
C) Tropical Rainforest
D) Tundra
  • 15. What was the official language of the colony in Liberia?
A) English
B) Spanish
C) French
D) Portuguese
  • 16. What is the national motto of Liberia?
A) E Pluribus Unum
B) The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here
C) Unity, Freedom, Justice
D) In God We Trust
  • 17. Who was the last president of Liberia before the civil war broke out in the country?
A) William Tubman
B) George Weah
C) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
D) Samuel Doe
  • 18. Which ethnic group makes up the majority of the population in Liberia?
A) Zulu
B) Maasai
C) Hausa
D) Kpelle
  • 19. What was the name of the rebel group led by Charles Taylor during the Liberian Civil War?
A) Red Army
B) Black Panthers
C) National Patriotic Front of Liberia
D) Yellow Vests
  • 20. Which international criminal court convicted Charles Taylor for war crimes and crimes against humanity?
A) Special Court for Sierra Leone
B) European Court of Human Rights
C) United Nations Human Rights Council
D) International Criminal Court
  • 21. Which ocean borders Liberia to the west?
A) Arctic Ocean
B) Pacific Ocean
C) Indian Ocean
D) Atlantic Ocean
  • 22. What is the current president of Liberia as of 2021?
A) Samuel Doe
B) George Weah
C) Charles Taylor
D) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
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