Jerdon's babbler
  • 1. What is the scientific name of Jerdon's babbler?
A) Phoenicurus auroreus
B) Chrysomma altirostre
C) Cisticola exilis
D) Zosterops japonicus
  • 2. In which country is Jerdon's babbler commonly found?
A) India
B) Brazil
C) Canada
D) Australia
  • 3. What color is the plumage of Jerdon's babbler?
A) Blue
B) Green
C) Brown
D) Yellow
  • 4. Which diet best describes Jerdon's babbler?
A) Herbivorous
B) Omnivorous
C) Carnivorous
D) Insectivorous
  • 5. What is the main threat to Jerdon's babbler population?
A) Habitat loss
B) Pollution
C) Predation
D) Climate change
  • 6. What is the conservation status of Jerdon's babbler?
A) Vulnerable
B) Least Concern
C) Endangered
D) Critically Endangered
  • 7. Which family does Jerdon's babbler belong to?
A) Fringillidae
B) Timaliidae
C) Troglodytidae
D) Parulidae
  • 8. How does Jerdon's babbler communicate with other members of its species?
A) Touch
B) Vocalizations
C) Visual displays
D) Chemical signals
  • 9. What is the typical clutch size of Jerdon's babbler?
A) 5-6 eggs
B) 1 egg
C) 2-3 eggs
D) 4 eggs
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