zzAlice Chap 01 Vocab Quiz
__1. animationA. a question that computes a result
__2. center of an objectB. a set of instruction that tells the computer what to do.
__3. classC. a video game or simulation implemented in 3D
__4. degrees of freedomD. a set of instructions in order
__5. distanceE. six possible ways an object can move around in a world
__6. functionF. the center of an object's bounding box
__7. positionG. the location of an object's center in a world
__8. programH. one object's center that is measured to another's center
__9. sequential processingI. similar to a blueprint that describes the charisteristics
__10. virtual worldJ. an illusion, sequence of visuals that simulate motion
__11. objectA. an instance of a class
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