Frank Zappa
  • 1. What was Frank Zappa's primary instrument?
A) Drums
B) Guitar
C) Piano
D) Saxophone
  • 2. In what year was Frank Zappa born?
A) 1950
B) 1970
C) 1960
D) 1940
  • 3. What was the name of Frank Zappa's band?
A) The Rolling Stones
B) The Mothers of Invention
C) Led Zeppelin
D) The Doors
  • 4. Where was Frank Zappa born?
A) Chicago, Illinois
B) Los Angeles, California
C) Baltimore, Maryland
D) New York City, New York
  • 5. Which of these famous guitarists collaborated with Frank Zappa?
A) Jimmy Page
B) Jimi Hendrix
C) Steve Vai
D) Eric Clapton
  • 6. What was the title of Frank Zappa's last studio album released before his death?
A) Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch
B) One Size Fits All
C) Zoot Allures
D) The Yellow Shark
  • 7. What was Frank Zappa's favorite guitar brand?
B) Rickenbacker
C) Gibson
D) Fender
  • 8. What was the name of Frank Zappa's son who later became a musician?
A) Dweezil
B) Moon Unit
C) Divine
D) Ahmet
  • 9. What was the name of Frank Zappa's recording studio?
A) Sound City Studios
B) Utility Muffin Research Kitchen
C) Sunset Sound Recorders
D) Electric Lady Studios
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