Sean Combs
  • 1. What is Sean Combs' stage name?
A) Jay-Z
B) Lil Wayne
C) P. Diddy
D) Eminem
  • 2. In 1997, what was the title of Sean Combs' debut album?
A) Illmatic
B) No Way Out
C) The Blueprint
D) The Chronic
  • 3. What year was Sean Combs born?
A) 1979
B) 1989
C) 1999
D) 1969
  • 4. Which fashion brand did Sean Combs launch in 1998?
A) Sean John
B) Rocawear
D) Tommy Hilfiger
  • 5. Which famous rapper collaborated with Sean Combs and Mase on the track 'Mo Money Mo Problems'?
A) The Notorious B.I.G.
B) Eazy-E
C) Snoop Dogg
D) Nas
  • 6. What is the name of Sean Combs' television network?
B) Revolt TV
C) VH1
  • 7. Which college did Sean Combs attend, but did not graduate from?
A) Harvard University
B) Stanford University
C) Howard University
D) Yale University
  • 8. What was the title of Sean Combs' debut single as a lead artist?
A) Bad Boy for Life
B) Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
C) Mo Money Mo Problems
D) I'll Be Missing You
  • 9. What was the title of the album released by Sean Combs in 2006?
A) Late Registration
B) Press Play
C) The Massacre
D) Encore
  • 10. What did Sean Combs change his stage name to in 2005?
A) Eminem
B) 50 Cent
C) Diddy
D) Jay Z
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