HW 3: Application of Adding Integers
Which is the correct expression to solve the problem above. 
Steve's temperature is 
When Steve woke up. His temperature was 102º F. Two hours later it was 4º lower. What was his temperature then?
-102 + 4
-102 + (-4)
102 + 4
 102 + (-4)
The elevator is at the 
An elevator is on the twentieth floor. It goes down 9 floors and then up 3 floors. What floor is the elevator on now? 
If it is 5º outside and the temperature will drop 17º in the next six hours, 
how cold will it get? 
A scuba diver swam 96 feet beneath the surface of the lake. 
He then climbs up 49 feet. What is his depth now? 
What is his depth now? 
Which expression solve the problem above? 
96 + 49
-96 + (-49)
-96 + 49
96 + (-49)
The new temperature is 
In Buffalo, New York, the temperature was -14oF in the morning. 
If the temperature dropped 7oF, what is the temperature now? 
Which expression solve the problem above? 
-14 + 7
14 + (-7)
14 + 7
-14 + (-7)
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