Quiz 1 - 19.1 to 19.6 Matching
__1. "The Island"A. Last Canal a baby exits when born
__2. 1,000/secondB. Narrow end of Uterus, most common site of Cancer in females
__3. 200-300C. Organ where zygote will implant itself
__4. CervixD. Hormone responsible for the Menstrual Cycle
__5. EpididymisE. Male hormone, made in the Testis
__6. EstrogenF. Organ where females hormones are made
__7. OvaryG. Number of Ova (Eggs) with which a female is born
__8. Testosterone (T-Rone)H. Rate of sperm production in the testis
__9. UterusI. Film about the ethical rights of clones
__10. VaginaJ. Site of sperm creation in males
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