Quiz #11 - Living Env. Vocabulary Quiz - Letter A
__1. Acid RainA. rain carrying pollutants (dirt) from factories
__2. AdaptationB. Organism that creates its own food (sugars)
__3. Air PollutionC. new traits that help organisms survive (giraffe's neck)
__4. AmoebaD. Carbon Dioxide enters the air and makes it unsafe
__5. AnaerobicE. An organism composed of 1 single cell
__6. AncestorF. method of cloning, one cell self-duplicates
__7. AnomalyG. A situation where oxygen is NOT being used
__8. Asexual ReproductionH. Organisms that existed way before
__9. AtmosphereI. Something odd, weird, strange
__10. AutotrophJ. Layers of gases above the ground surround Earth
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