Super Storms
  • 1. What does the word beware mean in this sentence? The weatherperson told us to beware of the strong winds.
A) to be on the lookout for something harmful
B) to cause something to happen
  • 2. What does the word uprooted mean in this sentence? The tree was uprooted by a very strong wind.
A) torn or pulled out of the ground
B) to have many roots
  • 3. To prevent something means to
A) stop or keep it from happening
B) stand nearby while it happens
  • 4. Why is lightning dangerous?
A) It can destroy trees and start fires.
B) It is loud and scary.
  • 5. If many seconds passed between a lightning flash and the
A) It is very loud.
B) It is very loud.
  • 6. Hailstorms _____.
A) are not dangerous at all
B) can destroy crops and damage buildings and cars
  • 7. The eye of a hurricane is ______.
A) where the winds are the strongest
B) where the air is cold
  • 8. What makes it hard to see in a blizzard?
A) falling and blowing snow
B) bright sunshine and heat
  • 9. Describe why it’s important for television and radio stations to
  • 10. What is the main idea of this selection?
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