Literature in early modern Scotland
  • 1. Who is considered the most famous early modern Scottish poet?
A) James Hogg
B) Sir Walter Scott
C) Robert Burns
D) Alexander Montgomerie
  • 2. What was the common language of early modern Scottish literature?
A) Gaelic
B) English
C) Latin
D) Scots
  • 3. What is the title of the famous early modern Scottish play written by John Home?
A) Dr. Faustus
B) Douglas
C) Macbeth
D) Hamlet
  • 4. Which poet is known for the collection of poetry 'The Kingis Quair'?
A) Allan Ramsay
B) Mary, Queen of Scots
C) Robert Fergusson
D) James I of Scotland
  • 5. What is the oldest surviving Scots poem, dating from the early 14th century?
A) The Brus
B) Tam o' Shanter
C) Christ's Kirk on the Green
D) The Cherry and the Slae
  • 6. Who wrote the acclaimed work 'The Fair Maid of Perth'?
A) Sir Walter Scott
B) R. D. Blackmore
C) James Hogg
D) Tobias Smollett
  • 7. Which poet is credited with the famous work 'Ane Pleasant Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis'?
A) Alexander Montgomerie
B) William Dunbar
C) Sir David Lyndsay
D) James VI
  • 8. What is the title of the novel by James Hogg that centers around a found manuscript?
A) The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
B) Ivanhoe
C) The Heart of Midlothian
D) Rob Roy
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