Numbers: Place and Value
Six million and seventy and eighty-nine
Six milion, seventi thousand and eighty nine
Six million, seventy thousand and eighty-nine
Six, seventy, eighty-nine
The number is 
6 070 089
Fifty million, one thousand, two hundred and     forty-nine
Fifteen million, one thousand, two hundred and 
Fiftin milion, one tousand, to hundred and 
    forti nine
Fifteen million and one and two forty-nine
The number is 
15 001 249
Fill in the blanks :
204 013 :
and four
Fill in the blanks :
24 230 748 :
, seven hundred and 
two hundred and 
Fill in the blanks with DIGITS :
In 721 050 ,
The digit 2 stands for
The digit 7 stands for
The value of the digit 5 is
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