vocabulary quiz
  • 1. wrap up or surround completely
A) envelop
B) adopt
C) escapade
D) arise
  • 2. an act or incident involving excitement
A) envelop
B) escapade
C) adopt
D) arise
  • 3. small fight or battle
A) envelop
B) skirmish
C) adopt
D) escapade
  • 4. a greater liking for one over another or others
A) preference
B) envelop
C) skirmish
D) escapade
  • 5. pants or jeans
A) solo
B) trousers
C) adopt
D) retrieve
  • 6. measures atmospheric pressure; forecasting the weather
A) escapade
B) preference
C) barometer
D) skirmish
  • 7. a picture
A) illustration
B) collide
C) arise
D) barometer
  • 8. a stringed instrument with a long neck and a round open-backed body
A) steady
B) solo
C) sculptor
D) banjo
  • 9. eat grass in a field
A) solo
B) steady
C) graze
D) arise
  • 10. hit with force while moving
A) scultor
B) steady
C) collide
D) solo
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