What Really Happened at Bethlehem? (A study of the stars)
__1. eliptical orbitA. the way the planets move around the sun
__2. JupiterB. largest planet, also known as King Planet or Father Planet
__3. King planet joined ______C. The apparent backward motion of a planet
__4. LeoD. Name for the Jewish messiah
__5. Lion of the tribe of JudahE. Known as the Mother Planet
__6. RegulusF. A star, known as the King Star,
__7. retrograde motionG. Jupiter
__8. TrumpetsH. often used to announce the arrival of a king
__9. VenusI. Constalation that looks like a lion
__10. ____ crowned RegulusJ. Venus
__11. BethlehemA. Gabriel visits Mary, stars announce coming of King
__12. DecemberB. Jesus's birth, stars announce birth of King
__13. JeruselemC. Where Magi talked with Herod
__14. JuneD. Jupiter "stopped" over this city.
__15. SeptemberE. When Jupiter went into retrograde
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