Topography Quiz

1. Between which two points is the slope

of the hill the steepest?

A.  A and B

B.  B and C 

C.  C and D

D. A and D

2. What is the countour interval used

 on the map?

A. 20 ft

B. 50 ft

C. 100 ft 

D. 200 ft

3.  Which locations have the greatest

difference in elevation?

A.  A and D

B.  B and X


C.  C and F

D.  E and Y 

4. Between points C and D, Ruch Creek

 flows toward the

A. north

B. south

C. east

D. west

5.  Whcih location most likely has an

elevation of 45 meters?

A.  A

B.  B 

C.  C

D.  D

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