Progressive Era
  • 1. Which region of the country had the most states with full woman suffrage in 1919?
A) the Northeast
B) the Midwest
C) the South
D) the West
  • 2. In what category do most of the states on this map fall?
A) no suffrage
B) undecided suffrage
C) full suffrage
D) partial suffrage
  • 3. Suffrage mean...
A) the right to citizenship
B) experiencing hardship
C) the right to vote
D) experiencing civil rights
  • 4. Which one of these women were part of the "Iron Jawed Angels"?
A) Eleanor Roosevelt
B) Amelia Airhart
C) Susan B Anthony
D) Alice Paul
  • 5. How many miles shorter was the trip from New York to San Francisco made by the building of the Panama Canal?
A) 80
B) 8000
C) 80,000
D) 800
  • 6. What was one of the reasons why the Titanic sunk?
A) Traveling too fast
B) Not enough life boats
C) Poor Rivet quaity
D) Bulk holds were too high
  • 7. What president had the Panama Canal built?
A) Bill Clinton
B) Teddy Roosevelt
C) Woodrow Wilson
D) Franklin Roosevelt
  • 8. What is an Era?
A) a place where land is
B) A mistake
C) A period of time
  • 9. During this era reforms were made that raised the living standards and corrected wrongs in America
  • 10. Name the fire that showed the dangers that can be created when safety is ignored.
  • 11. Name the woman that is known as the Mother of the Woman's Suffrage Movement.
A) Susan B Anthony
B) Hellen Keller
C) Eleanor Roosevelt
D) Alice Paul
  • 12. Name the fire that showed the dangers that can be created when safety is ignored.
  • 13. What is it called when workers come together to form a strong group with the purpose of protecting themselves in their jobs?
  • 14. The 19th amendment gave women the right to what?
  • 15. What is it called when a group of workers organize and refuse to go to work?
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