(SS) Sarah Morton's Day
  • 1. Sara gets up every day at ___________.
A) nine o'clock
B) noon
C) sunup
D) six o'clock
  • 2. Sara makes up her bed by ___________.
A) pulling up the sheets
B) throwing it out the window
C) pushing it under the table
D) rolling it into the corner
  • 3. At the table, Sara had to stand to eat because ________.
A) she was late for breakfast
B) her father didn't like her
C) children had to stand up to eat
D) she didn't have a stool
  • 4. After breakfast Sara had to _____________.
A) go to school
B) feed the chickens and milk the goats
C) do her homework
D) wash the clothes
  • 5. Sara uses _________ to shine the kettles.
A) water
B) dirt
C) furniture polish
D) salt and vinegar
  • 6. A warning shot meant ___________.
A) a storm was coming
B) a ship had been sighted
C) dinner was ready
D) Indians were coming
  • 7. Sara's new father is teaching her __________.
A) to cook
B) to play games
C) to read
D) to shoot
  • 8. Knickers is a game played with ________.
A) dolls
B) balls
C) sticks
D) marbles
  • 9. Mother and Sara get water from ________.
A) the spring
B) the well
C) the pond
D) the sink
  • 10. A poppet is a ________.
A) doll
B) pancake
C) goat
D) girl
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