Yr 7 Science Pre-test Term 2 2017
__1. Astronomical UnitA. Changes the shape, speed or direction of an object.
__2. BuoyancyB. Described as distance between the Sun and Earth.
__3. EclipseC. Amount of matter in an object; measured in kg.
__4. ForceD. When one object in space casts a shadow on another object.
__5. FrictionE. Effect of gravity on mass; measured in Newtons (N).
__6. GravityF. Non-contact force that exists between any two objects.
__7. MassG. Upward push on an object that is floating.
__8. OrbitH. Force applied between two objects in contact with each other
__9. TideI. Travel around an object.
__10. WeightJ. Rise and fall of the ocean once every 12.5 hours.
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