Thomas Edison
  • 1. What year was Thomas Edison born?
A) 1856
B) 1879
C) 1847
D) 1901
  • 2. In which city was Thomas Edison born?
A) New York City, New York
B) Atlanta, Georgia
C) Milan, Ohio
D) Boston, Massachusetts
  • 3. Which invention is Thomas Edison most famous for?
A) Telephone
B) Light bulb
C) Microwave oven
D) Airplane
  • 4. Which famous inventor was a rival of Thomas Edison?
A) Nikola Tesla
B) Henry Ford
C) The Wright Brothers
D) Alexander Graham Bell
  • 5. Which company did Thomas Edison found in 1892?
A) Ford Motor Company
C) General Electric
D) Tesla Motors
  • 6. What was the first public demonstration of Thomas Edison's light bulb?
A) August 8, 1854
B) November 11, 1922
C) January 1, 1900
D) December 31, 1879
  • 7. What was the name of Thomas Edison's second wife?
A) Emily Wilson
B) Mina Miller
C) Mary Johnson
D) Sarah Adams
  • 8. What was the nickname given to Thomas Edison by the press?
A) The Electric Genius
B) The Master Inventor
C) The Light Bulb King
D) The Wizard of Menlo Park
  • 9. What was Thomas Edison's favorite color?
A) Blue
B) Red
C) Green
D) Yellow
  • 10. Which famous President did Thomas Edison meet multiple times?
A) Grover Cleveland
B) Franklin D. Roosevelt
C) Abraham Lincoln
D) George Washington
  • 11. How many children did Thomas Edison have?
A) 2
B) 6
C) 8
D) 4
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