• 1. What is the primary method oysters use to feed?
A) Photosynthesis
B) Filter feeding
C) Hunting prey
D) Absorbing nutrients from water
  • 2. What is the main nutrient found in oysters that they are known for?
A) Vitamin C
B) Calcium
C) Iron
D) Zinc
  • 3. What is a group of oysters called?
A) Herd
B) Flock
C) Swarm
D) Bed
  • 4. How do most oysters reproduce?
A) Vegetative reproduction
B) Broadcast spawning
C) Live birth
D) Internal fertilization
  • 5. What is the outer layer of an oyster shell made of?
A) Silicon
B) Calcium carbonate
C) Aluminum
D) Plastic
  • 6. What is the main color of a pearl produced by an oyster?
A) Black
B) Green
C) White
D) Red
  • 7. What is the circular muscle that controls the opening and closing of an oyster shell called?
A) Mollusk muscle
B) Contractile muscle
C) Adductor muscle
D) Fibrous muscle
  • 8. Which country is known for producing a delicacy called 'Oysters Kilpatrick'?
A) Spain
B) Italy
C) France
D) Australia
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