Arctic Monkeys
  • 1. What year was the Arctic Monkeys' debut album, 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not,' released?
A) 2005
B) 2006
C) 2003
D) 2007
  • 2. Which member of Arctic Monkeys is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist?
A) Jamie Cook
B) Matt Helders
C) Alex Turner
D) Nick O'Malley
  • 3. Where are the Arctic Monkeys originally from?
A) Sheffield, England
B) Manchester, England
C) Liverpool, England
D) London, England
  • 4. 'Do I Wanna Know?' is a popular single from which Arctic Monkeys album?
A) Humbug
C) Suck It and See
D) Favourite Worst Nightmare
  • 5. What is the name of Arctic Monkeys' second studio album released in 2007?
A) Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
B) Favourite Worst Nightmare
D) Humbug
  • 6. Who produced the album 'AM' for Arctic Monkeys?
A) Brian Eno
B) Danger Mouse
C) James Ford
D) Mark Ronson
  • 7. In what year did Arctic Monkeys release the album 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino'?
A) 2017
B) 2019
C) 2016
D) 2018
  • 8. What is the title of the Arctic Monkeys' third studio album?
A) Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
B) Humbug
D) Favourite Worst Nightmare
  • 9. What is the name of Arctic Monkeys' bassist?
A) Alex Turner
B) Jamie Cook
C) Nick O'Malley
D) Matt Helders
  • 10. What is the Arctic Monkeys' record label?
A) Interscope
B) Domino
C) Sub Pop
D) XL Recordings
  • 11. Arctic Monkeys performed the theme song for which James Bond film?
A) Casino Royale
B) Spectre
C) Skyfall
D) Quantum of Solace
  • 12. What is the name of the Arctic Monkeys' drummer?
A) Alex Turner
B) Jamie Cook
C) Matt Helders
D) Nick O'Malley
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