• 1. What is the capital city of Lebanon?
A) Istanbul
B) Dubai
C) Beirut
D) Cairo
  • 2. Which sea does Beirut border?
A) Mediterranean Sea
B) Red Sea
C) Black Sea
D) Dead Sea
  • 3. What is the predominant language spoken in Beirut?
A) Arabic
B) Russian
C) English
D) French
  • 4. Beirut is often referred to as the __________ of the Middle East.
A) Paris
B) New York
C) Tokyo
D) Rome
  • 5. Which river flows through Beirut?
A) Nile River
B) Beirut River
C) Tigris River
D) Euphrates River
  • 6. What is the Beirut Central District commonly known as?
A) Downtown Beirut
B) Hamra
C) Gemmayzeh
D) Beirut Souks
  • 7. What is the name of the famous coastal promenade in Beirut?
A) Raouche Rocks
B) Pigeon Rocks
C) Corniche Beirut
D) Zaitunay Bay
  • 8. What industry was Beirut known for prior to the civil war?
A) Fishing
B) Banking
C) Agriculture
D) Mining
  • 9. Which Lebanese author wrote 'The Prophet'?
A) Hoda Barakat
B) Naguib Mahfouz
C) Kahlil Gibran
D) Amin Maalouf
  • 10. What is the official currency used in Beirut?
A) Yen
B) Euro
C) Dollar
D) Lebanese Pound
  • 11. Which mountain range overlooks Beirut?
A) Mount Lebanon
B) Anti-Lebanon Mountains
C) Taurus Mountains
D) Atlas Mountains
  • 12. What is the name of the national flag carrier airline of Lebanon based in Beirut?
A) Royal Jordanian
B) Qatar Airways
C) Middle East Airlines
D) Emirates
  • 13. What is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Beirut and Lebanon?
A) Whiskey
B) Beer
C) Wine
D) Arak
  • 14. What ancient city is located near Beirut and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
A) Cairo
B) Rome
C) Byblos
D) Athens
  • 15. In which year was Beirut declared the capital of Lebanon?
A) 2000
B) 1980
C) 1950
D) 1920
  • 16. What is the name of Beirut's international airport?
A) Rafic Hariri International Airport
B) John F. Kennedy International Airport
C) Heathrow Airport
D) Changi Airport
  • 17. Which famous Lebanese singer was born in Beirut?
A) Shakira
B) Fairuz
C) Nancy Ajram
D) Umm Kulthum
  • 18. Beirut is a popular destination for ______ tourism, with its mix of historical sites and modern attractions.
A) Cultural
B) Medical
C) Eco
D) Adventure
  • 19. Which famous director's film 'West Beirut' showcases the city during the Lebanese Civil War?
A) Quentin Tarantino
B) Martin Scorsese
C) Steven Spielberg
D) Ziad Doueiri
  • 20. Which Lebanese-American author wrote the novel 'An Unnecessary Woman' set in Beirut?
A) Khalil Gibran
B) Rabih Alameddine
C) Etel Adnan
D) Amin Maalouf
  • 21. What natural disaster has Beirut experienced in recent years, causing widespread destruction?
A) Tornado
B) Earthquake
C) Flood
D) Explosion
  • 22. Which French architect undertook the urban planning of Beirut in the 1920s?
A) Michel Ecochard
B) Eiffel
C) Haussmann
D) Le Corbusier
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