• 1. What is the capital city of Sudan?
A) Lagos
B) Nairobi
C) Khartoum
D) Cairo
  • 2. Which river flows through Khartoum?
A) Nile River
B) Ganges River
C) Mississippi River
D) Amazon River
  • 3. What is the official language of Sudan?
A) French
B) English
C) Arabic
D) Spanish
  • 4. What is the climate of Khartoum like?
A) Tropical rainforest climate
B) Hot desert climate
C) Temperate oceanic climate
D) Polar ice cap climate
  • 5. What is the traditional Sudanese garment called?
A) Sari
B) Jubah
C) Kimono
D) Thobe
  • 6. What is the most popular sport in Khartoum?
A) Cricket
B) Basketball
C) Football (Soccer)
D) Rugby
  • 7. Who is the current president of Sudan?
A) Hassan al-Turabi
B) Ahmed Qurei
C) Abdel Fattah al-Burhan
D) Omar al-Bashir
  • 8. Which famous battle took place near Khartoum in 1898?
A) Battle of Omdurman
B) Battle of Stalingrad
C) Battle of Thermopylae
D) Battle of Gettysburg
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