Maniac Magee Chapters 1 - 5 quiz
  • 1. How did Jeffrey Magee become an orphan?
A) his parents gave him away
B) his parents were killed in a train crash
C) his parents were killed in an airplane crash
D) he was born an orphan
  • 2. How many years did Jeffrey live with his aunt and uncle before ran away?
A) 8
B) 7
C) 10
D) 2
  • 3. Why did Jeffrey run away?
A) his aunt and uncle did not get along
B) he wanted to tour the world
C) his aunt and uncle didn't want him anymore
D) he turned 18 years old
  • 4. What is the time Jeffrey was gone between Hollidaysburg and Two Mills called?
A) The Slowest Year
B) The Long Year
C) The Lost Year
D) The Lost Boy
  • 5. How many miles is there between Two Mills and Hollidaysburg?
A) 200
B) 150
C) 52
D) 100
  • 6. Who was the first person to talk to Jeffrey?
A) Brian Denehy
B) Arnold Jones
C) John McNabb
D) Amanda Beale
  • 7. Why did Jeffrey stand out in East End?
A) he was dirty
B) he wore glasses
C) he was white
D) he dressed funny
  • 8. What did Amanda have in her suitcase that Jeffrey loved?
A) clothes
B) cd's
C) candy bars
D) books
  • 9. What was special about Jeffrey catching Brian Denehy¬ís pass and then punting the ball back to Hands Down?
A) he did it with a book in one hand
B) he did it running backwards
C) he was just a little kid
D) he was as talented as the high school boys
  • 10. The high school boys thought Jeffrey was cool times 10 because:
A) he takes on some of the high school boys
B) he saved the boy from Finsterwald's yard
C) he takes the boy home with him
D) he sat down on Finsterwald's steps and reads
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