Winti religion in Suriname
  • 1. What is the role of a 'mama winti' in Winti practices?
A) Warrior
B) Merchant
C) Mediator
D) Spiritual leader or priestess
  • 2. What is the traditional view of illness in the Winti religion?
A) Illness is a punishment from the gods
B) Illness is always a result of physical causes
C) Illness is a random event
D) Illness can be caused by spiritual imbalance
  • 3. Which element is considered sacred in Winti rituals?
A) Earth
B) Water
C) Fire
D) Air
  • 4. Which Surinamese language is commonly used in Winti ceremonies?
A) Sranan Tongo
B) English
C) Hindi
D) Dutch
  • 5. What role does music play in Winti rituals?
A) It is a symbol of power
B) It serves as a form of communication with spirits
C) It is purely for entertainment
D) It is used to invoke specific deities
  • 6. What is the purpose of the 'libation' ritual in Winti ceremonies?
A) To purify the participants
B) To banish evil spirits
C) To honor and communicate with ancestors
D) To predict the future
  • 7. Which of the following animals is considered sacred in Winti rituals?
A) Eagle
B) Lion
C) Wolf
D) Snake
  • 8. In Winti belief, what is the purpose of 'herbal baths'?
A) To invoke specific deities
B) To intoxicate the participants
C) To protect against curses
D) To cleanse the body and spirit
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