Christian Bale
  • 1. In which country was Christian Bale born?
A) Ireland
B) England
C) Wales
D) Scotland
  • 2. Which character did Christian Bale portray in 'The Dark Knight' trilogy?
A) Commissioner Gordon
B) Two-Face
C) Joker
D) Batman
  • 3. For which film did Christian Bale win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor?
A) American Psycho
B) Vice
C) The Fighter
D) The Machinist
  • 4. Christian Bale famously lost weight to play the emaciated insomniac Trevor Reznik in which movie?
A) American Psycho
B) Vice
C) The Dark Knight
D) The Machinist
  • 5. In which film did Christian Bale play the role of Patrick Bateman, a wealthy investment banker with psychopathic tendencies?
A) The Big Short
B) The Prestige
C) Empire of the Sun
D) American Psycho
  • 6. Christian Bale starred alongside Hugh Jackman in which 2006 drama mystery film about two magicians involved in a competitive rivalry?
A) Now You See Me
B) The Prestige
C) The Illusionist
D) Magic Mike
  • 7. Christian Bale made his acting debut in which 1986 film starring alongside Steven Spielberg?
A) Newsies
B) Swing Kids
C) Empire of the Sun
D) Metroland
  • 8. Christian Bale played a con artist alongside Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper in which film based on the Abscam scandal?
A) The Fighter
B) American Hustle
C) Vice
D) The Big Short
  • 9. Christian Bale played the role of a fiery pilot named Dieter Dengler in which war drama film about a man surviving capture during the Vietnam War?
A) We Were Soldiers
B) Casualties of War
C) Platoon
D) Rescue Dawn
  • 10. Christian Bale starred as Melvin Purvis, a federal agent tasked with capturing notorious outlaws in which biographical crime film?
A) Live by Night
B) Public Enemies
C) Black Mass
D) Gangster Squad
  • 11. Christian Bale played a former British Army officer leading a group of American cavalrymen in a rescue mission in which Western film?
A) 3:10 to Yuma
B) True Grit
C) Hostiles
D) The Revenant
  • 12. Christian Bale starred as a notorious Wall Street investor who gets involved in a corporate scandal in which film adaptation of a Michael Lewis book?
A) The Big Short
B) Moneyball
C) Liar's Poker
D) Flash Boys
  • 13. Christian Bale was cast as a Swedish mountaineer who undertakes a fatal expedition in which historical survival film?
A) Everest
B) 127 Hours
C) Into the Wild
D) The Summit
  • 14. Christian Bale played the role of Laurie in which film adaptation of a classic Louisa May Alcott novel?
A) Pride and Prejudice
B) Little Women
C) Jane Eyre
D) Sense and Sensibility
  • 15. Christian Bale starred as a freedom fighter in the future who opposes a tyrannical regime in which movie adaptation based on a graphic novel by Alan Moore?
A) Watchmen
B) V for Vendetta
C) Sin City
D) 300
  • 16. Christian Bale starred as a young peasant who leads a revolt against English soldiers in which historical adventure film set during the Crusades?
A) The Last Samurai
B) Robin Hood
C) Braveheart
D) Kingdom of Heaven
  • 17. Which actor starred alongside Christian Bale in the movie 'The Prestige'?
A) Hugh Jackman
B) Leonardo DiCaprio
C) Robert Downey Jr.
D) Tom Hardy
  • 18. In the movie 'American Psycho', what is the profession of Christian Bale's character, Patrick Bateman?
A) Police Officer
B) Doctor
C) Lawyer
D) Investment Banker
  • 19. Which famous director worked with Christian Bale in the film 'The Big Short'?
A) David Fincher
B) Adam McKay
C) Quentin Tarantino
D) Christopher Nolan
  • 20. Which actor played the antagonist, John Preston, opposite Christian Bale in the dystopian film 'Equilibrium'?
A) Brad Pitt
B) Sean Bean
C) Tom Hanks
D) Joaquin Phoenix
  • 21. Which character did Christian Bale voice in the Disney animated film 'Pocahontas'?
A) Thomas
B) Governor Ratcliffe
C) John Smith
D) Meeko
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