Puffin Watching in Iceland
  • 1. What is a group of puffins called?
A) A herd
B) A colony
C) A flock
D) A school
  • 2. What do puffins eat primarily?
A) Berries
B) Fish
C) Plants
D) Insects
  • 3. What is the distinctive feature of a puffin's beak during breeding season?
A) Small and dull
B) Brightly colored
C) Large and sharp
D) Transparent
  • 4. What color are puffins' legs and feet?
A) Black
B) Orange
C) White
D) Yellow
  • 5. Where do puffins spend most of their lives?
A) In burrows
B) On mountains
C) At sea
D) In trees
  • 6. What is the biggest threat to puffin populations in Iceland?
A) Loss of habitat
B) Chemical pollution
C) Climate change
D) Predators
  • 7. What is the scientific name for puffins?
A) Fratercula
B) Alcidae
C) Puffinus
D) Aves
  • 8. Why do puffins have bright beaks?
A) To attract mates
B) For easier feeding
C) To scare predators
D) For camouflage
  • 9. What is the main reason people enjoy watching puffins in Iceland?
A) Their comical behavior
B) Their speed
C) Their beauty
D) Their rarity
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