Hadada ibis
  • 1. What is the scientific name of the Hadada ibis?
A) Phoenicopterus roseus
B) Bostrychia hagedash
C) Accipiter gentilis
D) Corvus albus
  • 2. Which continent is the native habitat of the Hadada ibis?
A) Asia
B) Africa
C) Australia
D) South America
  • 3. What type of food does the Hadada ibis primarily forage for?
A) Grass
B) Berries
C) Fish
D) Insects
  • 4. How many toes does a Hadada ibis have on each foot?
A) Two
B) Four
C) Three
D) Five
  • 5. What time of the day is the Hadada ibis most active?
A) Midnight
B) Noon
C) Early morning and late afternoon
D) Dusk
  • 6. How does the Hadada ibis defend its territory?
A) Loud vocalizations and displays
B) Spraying water
C) Digging trenches
D) Physical fights
  • 7. Which family does the Hadada ibis belong to?
A) Threskiornithidae
B) Ardeidae
C) Anatidae
D) Ciconiidae
  • 8. How does the Hadada ibis communicate with other members of its colony?
A) Vocalizations and body movements
B) Secret signals
C) Smoke signals
D) Whistling
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