• 1. Salzburg is a picturesque city in Austria, known for its stunning baroque architecture, historic sites, and breathtaking alpine scenery. Nestled along the banks of the Salzach River, the city is famous as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and for being the setting of the beloved movie 'The Sound of Music'. Visitors can explore the charming old town with its narrow cobblestone streets, visit the impressive Hohensalzburg Fortress perched atop a hill, and relax in the beautiful Mirabell Gardens. Whether enjoying a classical music concert, skiing in the nearby Alps, or indulging in delicious Austrian cuisine, Salzburg offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and natural beauty.

    What country is Salzburg located in?
A) Switzerland
B) Italy
C) Austria
D) Germany
  • 2. Which famous composer was born in Salzburg?
A) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
B) Ludwig van Beethoven
C) Johann Sebastian Bach
D) Franz Schubert
  • 3. Salzburg is known for its iconic fortress overlooking the city. What is the name of this fortress?
A) Hohenwerfen Castle
B) Bratislava Castle
C) Hohensalzburg Fortress
D) Ehrenberg Castle
  • 4. How many hills surround the city of Salzburg?
A) Nine
B) Three
C) Seven
D) Five
  • 5. What famous movie musical was filmed in Salzburg?
A) Mary Poppins
B) West Side Story
C) The Sound of Music
D) Singing in the Rain
  • 6. In which century was Salzburg established as a city?
A) 8th century
B) 12th century
C) 5th century
D) 10th century
  • 7. What is the name of the large garden complex in Salzburg that features fountains, statues, and a hedge maze?
A) Belvedere Gardens
B) Sanssouci Gardens
C) Mirabell Gardens
D) Villa d'Este Gardens
  • 8. Salzburg is often called the 'Rome of the North' due to its abundance of what architectural feature?
A) Palaces
B) Churches
C) Towers
D) Bridges
  • 9. Salzburg's historic old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What is the German term for 'old town'?
A) Altstadt
B) Neustadt
C) Stadtrand
D) Hauptstadt
  • 10. The birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a popular tourist attraction in Salzburg. What is the name of this house?
A) Mozart's Birthplace
B) Schönbrunn Palace
C) Versailles Palace
D) Catherine Palace
  • 11. What is the name of the famous music school in Salzburg established by the Mozart family?
A) Royal Academy of Music
B) Juilliard
C) Curtis Institute of Music
D) Mozarteum
  • 12. What heavenly dessert is a speciality of the Salzburg region, made of whipped cream, chocolate, and cherries?
A) Baklava
B) Cheesecake
C) Tiramisu
D) Salzburger Nockerl
  • 13. In which season is Salzburg famous for its charming Christmas markets?
A) Autumn
B) Winter
C) Spring
D) Summer
  • 14. What is the name of the famous chocolate brand originating from Salzburg known for its Mozartkugel?
A) Toblerone
B) Mirabell
C) Ferrero
D) Lindt
  • 15. Which mountain peak near Salzburg is famous for its unique tabletop shape and breathtaking views?
A) Matterhorn
B) Untersberg
C) Mount Everest
D) K2
  • 16. Which river flows through Salzburg?
A) Rhine
B) Salzach
C) Danube
D) Seine
  • 17. What is the famous music festival held annually in Salzburg?
A) Salzburg Festival
B) Bach Festival
C) Mozart Week
D) Beethoven Bonanza
  • 18. What is the main language spoken in Salzburg?
A) Spanish
B) German
C) Italian
D) French
  • 19. Which mountain range can be seen from Salzburg?
A) Rocky Mountains
B) Alps
C) Andes
D) Himalayas
  • 20. What is the name of the historic shopping street in Salzburg known for its baroque architecture?
A) Oxford Street
B) Fifth Avenue
C) Champs-Élysées
D) Getreidegasse
  • 21. Which archbishop was influential in shaping the architecture of Salzburg in the baroque style?
A) Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau
B) Emperor Napoleon
C) Queen Victoria
D) Pope Francis
  • 22. In which year did Salzburg become a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
A) 1996
B) 1875
C) 1945
D) 2010
  • 23. Which architectural style is predominant in Salzburg's historic city center?
A) Modernist
B) Baroque
C) Gothic
D) Art Deco
  • 24. What is the name of the famous palace complex located in the outskirts of Salzburg known for its beautiful gardens?
A) Hampton Court Palace
B) Hellbrunn Palace
C) Versailles
D) Schoenbrunn Palace
  • 25. Salzburg's Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its exemplary blend of...
A) Gothic and neoclassical architecture
B) Art Nouveau and modernist architecture
C) Medieval and baroque architecture
D) Romanesque and Renaissance architecture
  • 26. Which famous Austrian author was born in Salzburg and wrote the play 'Everyman'?
A) Hugo von Hofmannsthal
B) Arthur Schnitzler
C) Franz Grillparzer
D) Thomas Bernhard
  • 27. What is the name of the prominent cliff that overlooks Salzburg, offering panoramic views of the city?
A) Mönchsberg
B) Eagle's Nest
C) Cliff of Dreams
D) Yosemite Point
  • 28. Which cathedral in Salzburg is a masterpiece of early baroque architecture and a prominent landmark in the city?
A) Notre Dame
B) Salzburg Cathedral
C) St. Stephen's Cathedral
D) St. Peter's Basilica
  • 29. What is the name of the modern art museum located at Mönchsberg in Salzburg?
A) Louvre Museum
B) Tate Modern
C) Guggenheim Bilbao
D) Museum der Moderne Salzburg
  • 30. Which famous marionette theater in Salzburg is known for its performances of Mozart's operas using puppets?
A) Salzburg Marionette Theatre
B) Paris Opera House
C) Royal Albert Hall
D) Sydney Opera House
  • 31. What is the name of the hill located near Salzburg offering stunning views of the city and surrounding landscape?
A) Kapuzinerberg
B) Mount Olympus
C) Mars Hill
D) Signal Hill
  • 32. Which Austrian ski resort town near Salzburg is famous for hosting the annual Hahnenkamm ski races?
A) St. Anton
B) Zell am See
C) Innsbruck
D) Kitzbühel
  • 33. Which season sees the famous Salzburg Festival take place?
A) Autumn
B) Summer
C) Spring
D) Winter
  • 34. What colorful drink originating from Salzburg is carbonated and sweetened with honey?
A) Lemonade
B) Cola
C) Root beer
D) Almdudler
  • 35. Which mode of transportation is popular for exploring Salzburg's Old Town?
A) Car
B) Cycling
C) Bus
D) Walking
  • 36. Which Austrian emperor was born in Salzburg and later ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
A) Emperor Maximilian
B) Maria Theresa
C) Franz Joseph I
D) Franz Ferdinand
  • 37. What is the name of the local beer brewed in and around Salzburg since the 16th century?
A) Budweiser
B) Stiegl
C) Guinness
D) Heineken
  • 38. What is the name of the iconic pedestrian bridge spanning the Salzach River in Salzburg?
A) Makartsteg
B) Rialto Bridge
C) Charles Bridge
D) Golden Gate Bridge
  • 39. What is the name of the archbishop's palace in Salzburg?
A) Residenz
B) Versailles
C) Alhambra
D) Potala Palace
  • 40. Which famous Austrian physicist, born in Salzburg, is known for his discoveries in quantum mechanics?
A) Max Planck
B) Albert Einstein
C) Werner Heisenberg
D) Erwin Schrödinger
  • 41. What is the name of the nearby beautiful lake, often visited from Salzburg for its natural beauty?
A) Wolfgangsee
B) Loch Ness
C) Lake Tahoe
D) Lake Como
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