Javan green magpie
  • 1. What is the scientific name of the Javan green magpie?
A) Cyanopica cyanus
B) Urocissa ornata
C) Cissa chinensis
D) Cissa thalassina
  • 2. Which continent is the natural habitat of the Javan green magpie?
A) Africa
B) Asia
C) Australia
D) South America
  • 3. Which of the following best describes the Javan green magpie's breeding behavior?
A) Monogamous
B) Communal
C) Polygamous
D) Solitary
  • 4. Where is the native range of the Javan green magpie?
A) New Zealand
B) Madagascar
C) Brazil
D) Java, Indonesia
  • 5. Which family does the Javan green magpie belong to?
A) Trogonidae
B) Paridae
C) Fringillidae
D) Corvidae
  • 6. How does the Javan green magpie communicate with its group members?
A) Visual signals
B) Dance
C) Scent marking
D) Vocalizations
  • 7. What is the primary threat to the Javan green magpie's survival?
A) Poaching
B) Climate change
C) Habitat loss
D) Predation
  • 8. Which other bird species is closely related to the Javan green magpie?
A) Bornean green magpie
B) Amazon kingfisher
C) European greenfinch
D) Ruby-throated hummingbird
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