Frankincense Trees of Dhofar
  • 1. Where are Frankincense Trees of Dhofar located?
A) Iraq
B) Egypt
C) Morocco
D) Oman
  • 2. Which part of the Frankincense Tree is used to produce frankincense?
A) Leaves
B) Bark
C) Fruit
D) Resin
  • 3. Frankincense has been used for its aromatic properties for over how many years?
A) 5,000 years
B) 10,000 years
C) 500 years
D) 1,000 years
  • 4. Which ancient civilization highly valued frankincense?
A) Persians
B) Romans
C) Egyptians
D) Greeks
  • 5. What is the scientific name of the Frankincense Tree found in Dhofar?
A) Ficus carica
B) Boswellia sacra
C) Pinus sylvestris
D) Acacia nilotica
  • 6. What is the main chemical compound responsible for the aroma of frankincense?
A) Caffeine
B) Calcium
C) Vitamin C
D) Boswellic acid
  • 7. What is the nickname given to the region where Frankincense Trees of Dhofar grow?
A) Forest of Aromas
B) Land of Frankincense
C) Mountain of Fragrance
D) Valley of Resin
  • 8. In Dhofar, what is the traditional method of drying frankincense resin after harvest?
A) Freezing
B) Baking
C) Boiling
D) Sun-drying
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