States and Capitals wk 12
  • 1. If i was to vist the capital in Augusta which state would I be in?
A) Maine
B) Maryland
C) Mississippi
  • 2. I went to go see my auntie in Charleston, what state was I in?
A) Wisconsin
B) West Virginia
C) Washington
  • 3. My dad and I visited the White House in Washington D.C. what state were we in?
A) Alabama
B) Tennessee
C) N/A
  • 4. My favorite cousin lives in Dover,what state does he live in?
A) Georgia
B) Delaware
C) Florida
  • 5. We love to visit the Jersey shores in Trenton?
A) New Mexico
B) New York
C) New Jersey
  • 6. We visited a school in Hartford, what state did we visit?
A) Colorado
B) California
C) Connecticut
  • 7. I went to go buy a car in Richmond, what state will I purchase this vehicle?
A) Virginia
B) Vermont
C) Ohio
  • 8. The naval base is Annapolis, which state is it located in?
A) Minnesota
B) Maryland
C) Michigan
  • 9. Some people say they build igloo's in Juneau, what state am I in?
A) Arkansas
B) Alaska
C) Alabama
  • 10. I wish i could go to the beaches in Honolulu, what state would i have to fly to?
A) California
B) Idaho
C) Hawaii
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