Transformation Quiz
  • 1. What point is the image of (3,4) if it is reflected over the y axis?
A) (3,-4)
B) (3,4)
C) (-3,4)
D) (-3,-4)
  • 2. What is the generalization of a point which is reflected over the x axis?
  • 3. Name the transfomation that slides
A) Reflection
B) Translation
C) Expansion
D) Rotation
  • 4. Define Rotation.
A) Mirror Image
B) Slide
C) Make Larger
D) Turn
  • 5. What point is the image of (4,5) with a translation of right 2 and down 3?
  • 6. Find B' in a reflection of Triangle ABC when A(3,6), B(-4,2), C(-1,-3) over the y axis.
  • 7. Which Quadrant has the point (-5,-6)
C) I
  • 8. Which axis is (0,7) on?
  • 9. What is the name of point (0,0)?
A) Origin
B) Translation
C) Axis
D) Rotation
  • 10. Which transformation turns a figure?
  • 11. The original figure in a transformation is called
A) Rotation
B) Image
C) Post Image
D) Pre Image
  • 12. Transformation means to
A) Stay the Same
B) Change
C) Cross Over
D) Flip
  • 13. If the PreImage is point A then the Image would be
A) A''
B) (x,-y)
C) A'
D) (0,0)
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