AIC CCA JS 1 3rd Term Exam 2022/23
  • 1. Black and white are regarded as..
A) Opposite colours
B) Natural colours
C) Bright colours
D) Spectrum colours
  • 2. Another name for colour is...
A) Paper
B) Shade
C) Tone
D) Hue
  • 3. ..... is any body movement to the musical rhythm
A) Rehearsal
B) Dance
C) Practice
D) Jump
  • 4. Someone who practices art is called a/an
A) Artist
B) Scientist
C) Students
D) Painters
  • 5. Art means
A) Great man
B) A painter
C) Self expression
D) A hunter
  • 6. Fine art can be defined as
A) Decoration
B) Creative expression of skills and emotions in us
C) Beautiful things
D) Useful things
  • 7. Colour, line, texture, tone etc are...... of art
A) Importance
B) Principles
C) Origin
D) Element
  • 8. ......... include all items related to hair dressing, character's garment and accessories, face and body make up etc
A) Costume
B) Accessory
C) Make up
D) Body beauty
  • 9. ........ is the act of using artificial substances to change appearance of an actor to suit his targeted character
A) Make up
B) Costume
C) Mosaic
D) Collage
  • 10. Age, sex and appearance of an actor can be manipulated at will through......
A) Interest
B) Choice
C) Anger
D) Make up
  • 11. ........ types of make up transform the actor's features to reveal age or attitude
A) Stage make up
B) Straight make up
C) Chapter make up
D) Fountain make up
  • 12. .......... materials are used for make up
A) Natural
B) Liquid
C) Solid
D) Artificial
  • 13. Lullaby means
A) Bad mood
B) A bead materials
C) An accessories
D) Music used to send babies to sleep
  • 14. ....... is a person whose job is to make costumes for the theatre, actor and actresses
A) Costumier
B) Designer
C) Make up artist
D) Model
  • 15. ......... is a person whose profession is to design actors and actresses to resemble the person they are impersonating
A) A model
B) Costumier
C) Stylist
D) Make up artist
  • 16. ........ is an un-organized sound that displeased the air
A) Noise
B) Music
C) Drama
D) Play
  • 17. Local musical instrument is also called...
A) Indigenous instrument
B) Modern instrument
C) Earth instrument
D) Life instrument
  • 18. ......... are used to accompany song or performance
A) Characters
B) Role model
C) Audience
D) Musical instruments
  • 19. Examples of local musical instruments are all except.....
A) Gangan
B) Tambourine
C) Sakara
D) Calabash
  • 20. Accordion, sitar, trombone are.....
A) Earth musical instruments
B) Local musical instruments
C) Life musical instruments
D) Modern musical instruments
  • 21. When......... Is made on the floor, the durability of the material allows it to be walked upon
A) Mosaic
B) Bead
C) Motif
D) Collage
  • 22. Materials used for mosaic include all except.....
A) Ceramics
B) Cement
C) Grass
D) Stone
  • 23. ........ is the art of making and arranging a dance
A) Practice
B) Rehearsal
C) Choreography
D) Music
  • 24. ..... is a theatre artist who creates, arranges dances and teaches dancers to perform a dance to the delight of an audience
A) Choreographer
B) Directors
C) Designers
D) Producers
  • 25. Beads can be woven together with the following except
A) Rope
B) Thread
C) Stick
D) Flexible wire
  • 26. .......... are substandard goods
A) Adulterated good
B) Solid goods
C) Original goods
D) Real goods
  • 27. One of the reasons why people make fake and adulterated goods is....
A) Loyal
B) Contentment
C) Honesty
D) Lack of stiff penalties
  • 28. NAFDAC means
A) National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control
B) Nigerian Agency for Food and Drugs Administration control
C) NNational Agency for Food and Drugs Administration council
D) National Agency for Food and Drugs Admiring control
  • 29. ............ is charged with the limitation of the growing, processing, manufacturing,selling, exporting and trafficking of hard drugs
  • 30. To stop fake and adulterated goods, citizens must
A) Buy cheap goods
B) Buy available goods
C) Know their right
D) Kill the people involved
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