AIC JSS 2 PHE 3rd Term Practice Questions
  • 1. 1. The combination of track and field events is called
A) track events
B) combined events
C) relay races
D) field events
  • 2. 2. An athlete that compete in decathlon is called
A) pentathlete
B) decathlete
C) pentaalanine
D) decate
  • 3. 3. _______ team refers to the team that is blocking the wicket
A) blocking
B) batting
C) bubble
D) bowling
  • 4. 4. The bowling team is the team that is aiming to ________
A) draw the ball to the wicket
B) kick the ball
C) block and draw ball to the wicket
D) block the wicket
  • 5. 5. Who presides over the game, interpreting and implementing the laws in cricket
A) Goal keeper
B) Umpire
C) Judge
D) Bowlers
  • 6. 6. How many batsmen are on the field in cricket game?
A) five
B) three
C) two
D) four
  • 7. 7. Badminton was first known as ________
A) Poona
B) Shuttle cock
C) Racket
D) Volleying
  • 8. 8. A ten events of athletics carried out in two days is called ______
A) tenthalon
B) decathlon
C) pentathlon
D) ten events
  • 9. 9. A five combined events in athletics is called ________
A) decathlon
B) events of five
C) pentathlon
D) five games
  • 10. 10. An unplanned event and unexpected condition resulting in pain, bruise or injury is called _______
A) drama
B) horseplay
C) accident
D) damage
  • 11. 11. When a bone end is displaced from joint, it is known as
A) strain
B) dislocation
C) sprain
D) fracture
  • 12. 12. When muscle is overstretched, ______ occurs
A) sprain
B) fracture
C) dislocation
D) strain
  • 13. 13. One of the primary objectives of first aid is to ______
A) save life
B) make the player dull
C) make game competitive
D) make opponents weak
  • 14. 14. The damage to any part of the body that may allow the escape of blood is ________
A) fracture
B) injury
C) sprain
D) dislocation
  • 15. 15. The following are injuries that can be sustained by sport except ________
A) burns and scalds
B) sprain
C) strain
D) fracture
  • 16. 16. When the ligament of a joint is overstretched, _______ occurs
A) strain
B) fracture
C) sprain
D) dislocation
  • 17. 17. The accident that occur in the home is called _______
A) School accident
B) Accident
C) Home accident
D) Transportation accident
  • 18. 18. ______ is a marital art in which two opponents use movement, balance and leverage to gain advantage over each other
A) Soccer
B) Volley
C) Judo
D) Ludo
  • 19. 19. Which of the following is a racket game?
A) Badminton
B) Hockey
C) Handball
D) Soccer
  • 20. 20. Judo was adapted from traditional Japanese marital called ________
A) Judon
B) Judogi
C) Judo
D) Jujustsu
  • 21. 21. A game played by two teams of eleven players each on a pitch with two sets of three stumps is called ______
A) Bails
B) Wicket
C) Cricket
D) Soccer
  • 22. 22. Judo became an olympic sport in ______
A) 1999
B) 1964
C) 1980
D) 1954
  • 23. 23. One of these is not an equipment in badminton
A) net
B) racket
C) bails
D) shuttlecock
  • 24. 24. ______ is one of the equipments in Judo
A) Judo suit
B) Baton
C) Shuttlecock
D) Racket
  • 25. 25. People who had made their positive contributions in different areas of sport are known as
A) Soccer
B) Officials
C) Heroes
D) Major
  • 26. 26. In workshop, accidents are caused by ________
A) good working habit
B) carelessness
C) good rules
D) good observation
  • 27. 27. Physical education can best defined as education for
A) development of physical skills
B) development of social skills
C) all round development
D) development of mental skills
  • 28. 28. Sporting activities where athletes must touch each other during performance is known as _________ sport
A) handling
B) non contact
C) contact
D) holding
  • 29. 29. ________ race involves running over obstacles
A) Relay
B) Hurdle
C) Long distance
D) Middle distance
  • 30. 30. The illegal movement of people from place to the other is
A) human trafficking
B) people movement
C) human selling
D) labour
  • 31. 31. All are the reasons for human trafficking except _______
A) poverty
B) lack of employment
C) for friendship
D) corruption
  • 32. 32. The following are skills in soccer except _______
A) kicking
B) throwing
C) dribbling
D) digging
  • 33. 33. Non contact sport is a type of sport in which players are _______
A) none of the above
B) together
C) combined
D) separated
  • 34. 34. Example of non contact game includes ________
A) soccer
B) taekwondo
C) tennis
D) boxing
  • 35. 35. The following are track events except
A) Hurdles
B) 100m
C) Javelin
D) 200m
  • 36. 36. Athletics is classified into ______ and _______ events
A) track, throw
B) throw, field
C) track, field
D) jump, field
  • 37. 37. The game of hockey was first played in _______
A) Abalabi
B) Ibadan
C) Abeokuta
D) Lagos
  • 38. 38. Components of physical fitness include the following excepts
A) speed
B) dance
C) mascular strength
D) cordination
  • 39. 39. _________ means continuous running for a long time without stopping
A) Relay
B) Short distance races
C) Middle distance races
D) Marathon
  • 40. 40. The forth leg or last runner in a relay race is called _______
A) relay man
B) forth man
C) anchor man
D) last man
  • 41. 41. Kick to head in taekwondo ____ points
A) 2
B) 4
C) 5
D) 3
  • 42. 42. _______ is a field events which involves jumping over a horizontal place obstacle that is supported by two upright
A) Jumping events
B) Pole vault
C) Vertical vault
D) Horizontal vault
  • 43. 43. Gymnastics are activities taken to enjoy full _______ movement with or without apparatus
A) mental
B) Spiritual
C) physical
D) play
  • 44. 44. 3000m and 5000m races are examples of ________
A) long distance races
B) sprint races
C) middle distance races
D) relay races
  • 45. 45. When an athlete cross the lane, he is said to be _______
A) praised
B) positioned
C) honored
D) disqualified
  • 46. 46. The box that contains all the kits or materials that are needed for first aid emergency is called _______
A) None of the above
B) First Aid Box
C) Immediate Box
D) Accident Box
  • 47. 47. Safety guidelines help to protect individual from accidents and injury
A) False
B) True
C) Not possible
D) All of the above
  • 48. 48. ________ is made of plastic, feather or nylon with either a rubber or cork base
A) Racket
B) Shuttlecock
C) Net
D) Shotput
  • 49. 49. ________ is the process of hitting the shuttle with force in badminton
A) All of the above
B) Smash
C) Stance
D) Grip
  • 50. 50. An athlete that compete in pentathlon is called
A) decate
B) decathlete
C) pentathlete
D) pentaalanine
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