Writing Real World Expressions
  • 1. Jack earned $20 more than half as much as Joe.
A) 5x + 20
B) 5x÷20
C) 5x - 20
D) 5x(20)
  • 2. Carl drove six miles more than twice the distance driven by Rita.
A) 2x + 6
B) 2x - 6
C) 2x÷ 6
D) 2x(6)
  • 3. Plant A grew 8 inches taller than three times the height of plant B.
A) 3x÷8
B) 3x+8
C) 3x-8
D) 3x(8)
  • 4. Gavin is two inches shorter than Ellie's height plus four.
A) (e+4)-2
B) (e+4)+2
C) (e+4)x2
D) (e+4)÷2
  • 5. Yvette has twice as many coins as six less than Tim's collection.
A) 2-(x-6)
B) 2÷(x-6)
C) 2(x-6)
D) 2+(x-6)
  • 6. In a bowl there are pears and grapes. The number of grapes is twenty less than four times the number of pears.
  • 7. Nina equally split 150 candies into
    4 groups. She took out x candies
    before she split the rest.
  • 8. Five friends split the cost of a
    dinner bill, plus the $8 tip.
A) (x+8)÷5
B) (x+8)-5
C) (x+8)+5
D) (x+8) x 5
  • 9. I am six years older than three
    times your age.
A) (3x) x 6
B) 3x-6
C) 3x÷6
D) 3x+6
  • 10. Kim has four times the number of books that are in half of Sal's collection.
A) 4(.05 × a)
B) 4(.05 ÷ a)
C) 4(.05 + a)
D) 4(.05 -a)
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