Geography of Scotland in the early modern era
  • 1. Which river is the longest in Scotland?
A) River Tay
B) River Spey
C) River Forth
D) River Clyde
  • 2. What is the highest mountain peak in Scotland?
A) Cairn Gorm
B) Ben Nevis
C) Ben Macdui
D) Ben Lomond
  • 3. Which city in Scotland is known as the 'Athens of the North'?
A) Edinburgh
B) Glasgow
C) Dundee
D) Aberdeen
  • 4. What is the famous battleground in Scotland where the Battle of Bannockburn took place in 1314?
A) Dundee
B) Stirling
C) Inverness
D) Perth
  • 5. Which body of water separates Scotland from Northern Ireland?
A) Irish Sea
B) Firth of Forth
C) Solway Firth
D) North Channel
  • 6. Which Scottish castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Janet Douglas?
A) Glamis Castle
B) Edinburgh Castle
C) Dunnottar Castle
D) Stirling Castle
  • 7. Which Scottish clan is known for its association with the Isle of Skye and the Jacobite cause?
A) MacDonald
B) MacLeod
C) Stewart
D) Campbell
  • 8. Which river flows through the city of Glasgow?
A) River Clyde
B) River Forth
C) River Tweed
D) River Dee
  • 9. In what year did the Act of Union between England and Scotland take place?
A) 1801
B) 1745
C) 1707
D) 1603
  • 10. Which Scottish island is famous for being the ancestral home of the Clan MacLeod?
A) Isle of Arran
B) Isle of Mull
C) Isle of Lewis
D) Isle of Skye
  • 11. In which city did the assassination attempt on Cardinal David Beaton take place in 1546?
A) St Andrews
B) Glasgow
C) Aberdeen
D) Dundee
  • 12. Which famous Scottish inventor and engineer built the first practical steam engine?
A) John Logie Baird
B) Alexander Graham Bell
C) Thomas Telford
D) James Watt
  • 13. Which castle in Edinburgh has been called the 'most besieged place in Great Britain'?
A) Urquhart Castle
B) Stirling Castle
C) Edinburgh Castle
D) Inverness Castle
  • 14. Which Scottish university, founded in 1582, played a significant role in the intellectual and cultural development of Scotland?
A) University of Aberdeen
B) University of St Andrews
C) University of Glasgow
D) University of Edinburgh
  • 15. Which Scottish queen was beheaded in 1587 by order of Queen Elizabeth I of England?
A) Isabella MacDuff
B) Anne Stuart
C) Mary, Queen of Scots
D) Margaret Tudor
  • 16. What is the name of the sea loch located in the Scottish Highlands, known for its stunning natural beauty?
A) Loch Ness
B) Loch Lomond
C) Loch Katrine
D) Loch Awe
  • 17. Which Scottish explorer discovered the Falkland Islands in 1592?
A) Sir William Edmond Logan
B) John Davis
C) Alexander Mackenzie
D) David Livingstone
  • 18. Which Scottish poet and lyricist wrote the famous song 'Auld Lang Syne'?
A) Robert Burns
B) Allan Ramsay
C) Hugh MacDiarmid
D) Walter Scott
  • 19. Which Scottish architect designed the iconic Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse?
A) Robert Adam
B) Sir William Bruce
C) Charles Rennie Mackintosh
D) William Wallace
  • 20. Which Scottish king was known for his patronage of the arts and the establishment of the Chapel Royal at Stirling Castle?
A) James II
B) James IV
C) James III
D) James I
  • 21. Which Scottish clan played a prominent role in the ousting of the Stewart monarch James VII in the Glorious Revolution of 1688?
A) Campbell
B) MacDonald
C) MacLean
D) MacGregor
  • 22. Which island group lies to the west of Scotland?
A) Hawaiian Islands
B) Maldives
C) Caribbean
D) Hebrides
  • 23. In which body of water is the Isle of Skye located?
A) Mediterranean Sea
B) Pacific Ocean
C) Atlantic Ocean
D) Arctic Ocean
  • 24. What is the largest city in Scotland by population?
A) Aberdeen
B) Edinburgh
C) Dundee
D) Glasgow
  • 25. What is the traditional musical instrument of Scotland?
A) Flute
B) Piano
C) Bagpipes
D) Violin
  • 26. Which famous Scottish architect designed the Glasgow School of Art?
A) Frank Lloyd Wright
B) Charles Rennie Mackintosh
C) Le Corbusier
D) Zaha Hadid
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