Poetry Terms 101
__1. Free VerseA. Words whose sounds suggest their meaning
__2. HyperboleB. Rhyme within a line of poetry
__3. IdiomC. Saying one thing and meaning another, not literal meaning
__4. Internal rhymeD. Poetry without rhyme or meter
__5. MetaphorE. Comparing two unlike things "without" using like or as
__6. OnomatopoeiaF. Comparison of two things that uses the words like or as
__7. PersonificationG. Is a description of something non human as if it were human
__8. RefrainH. an exaggeration
__9. SimileI. A concrete object used to represent an idea
__10. SymbolJ. A line or phrase repeated at the end of a stanza
__11. alliterationA. a lyric poem celebrating a person,event, thing, etc
__12. epicB. a group of words that form a line in a poem
__13. figurative languageC. a group of lines forming a unit in a poem
__14. formD. the structure or rules of a poem
__15. imageryE. compares one thing with another but not taken literally
__16. lineF. a fourteen-line lyric poem that has a rhyme scheme
__17. odeG. a very long narrative poem with a hero
__18. rhythmH. language that appeals to the five senses
__19. sonnetI. the musical quality of a poem created by a syllabic pattern
__20. stanzaJ. a repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words
__21. allusionA. Japanese verse of three lines with 17 syllables
__22. concrete poemB. a metaphor developed over several lines of the poem
__23. consonanceC. a repetition of consonant sounds that appear in words
__24. coupletD. is two consecutive lines that rhyme
__25. extended metaphorE. a unit of meter
__26. footF. words in a poem create shape of object related to poem
__27. haikuG. finding & marking a pattern of stressed/unstressed syllables
__28. punH. a play on words or words that have double meanings
__29. scanningI. a reference to a person, place, event, or literature
__30. assonanceA. a narrative poem that has a rhyme, meter,and a refrain
__31. ballardB. a pattern of stressed & unstressed syllables
__32. iambC. expresses the feelings and emotions of the speaker or poet
__33. limerickD. tells a story, has a setting, characters, and plot
__34. lyricE. a five-line poem that rhymes
__35. meterF. a repetition of vowel sounds in a line of poetry
__36. narrativeG. regular pattern of rhyming words indicated lower case(abab)
__37. quatrainH. four lined stanze
__38. rhyme schemeI. an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
__39. toneJ. the attitude of the poet or speaker toward his audience
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