The Ancient City of Ur
  • 1. Ur was located in which modern-day country?
A) Egypt
B) Italy
C) Iraq
D) Greece
  • 2. What was the primary material used for construction in Ur?
A) Concrete
B) Steel
C) Marble
D) Mud brick
  • 3. Which famous archaeological discovery was made in the Royal Cemetery of Ur?
A) The Royal Tombs of Ur
B) The Pyramids of Giza
C) The Great Wall of China
D) Stonehenge
  • 4. What was one of the key professions in Ancient Ur?
A) Warrior
B) Scribe
C) Blacksmith
D) Farmer
  • 5. What important invention is associated with the Sumerians of Ur?
A) Writing (cuneiform)
B) Pottery
C) Brick-making
D) The Wheel
  • 6. What river was the Ancient City of Ur located near?
A) Indus River
B) Nile River
C) Yangtze River
D) Euphrates River
  • 7. What was one of the main exports of Ur?
A) Silk
B) Spices
C) Gold
D) Wool
  • 8. What is the estimated population of Ur during its peak?
A) Around 65,000 people
B) Around 25,000 people
C) Around 100,000 people
D) Around 5,000 people
  • 9. What natural disaster may have contributed to the decline of Ur?
A) Drought
B) Earthquake
C) Flooding
D) Volcanic eruption
  • 10. Who carried out the excavations at Ur in the early 20th century?
A) Leonard Woolley
B) Mary Leakey
C) Howard Carter
D) Indiana Jones
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