Growing up
  • 1. Why didn't Maria want to go on her family's vacation?
A) She thought she was too old.
B) She had a gymnastics meet.
C) She was fighting with her mother and didn't want to be in the same car with her.
D) She didn't want to miss her school trip to Disneyland.
  • 2. Why did maria feel jealous of the the other teenage girls at Disneyland?
A) Their parents gave them more money to buy balloons, toys and other things at Disneyland.
B) She believed that they had better clothes and nicer homes than she and her family had.
C) Unlike Maria, they didn't get sick when going on the rides.
D) They were taller than she was.
  • 3. On page 98, in the third paragraph, what does "She felt sticken by poverty" mean?
A) That she felt rich because her parents gave her $5.
B) That she felt poor.
C) That she felt sick.
D) That she felt like she was going to fall off a ride.
  • 4. How did Maria's father feel when she told him that she didn't want to go on the vacation?
A) Happy and sad
B) Furious and demanding
C) Sad and angry
D) He was fine with her decision
  • 5. Maria's father feels that Maria is
A) Not respectful and spoiled
B) a hard worker
C) a poor sport
D) rich
  • 6. Maria's grandfather was a
A) a barber
B) unemployed
C) a doctor
D) miner
  • 7. When Maria's father gets angry he deals with his anger by
A) punching walls
B) yelling
C) jogging around the block
D) drinking beer
  • 8. Maria's mother
A) punishes her for not going on the trip
B) demands that she goes on the trip
C) says it is okay if she stays with her godmother (nina)
D) pleads with her to go on the trip
  • 9. When Maria's family was leaving on their trip, Maria felt
A) angrgy
B) thrilled to be left at home
C) shocked her family was leaving her
D) guilty and sad
  • 10. Maria wants
A) a new pet
B) to have another life
C) school to start
D) to go to Great America
  • 11. Maria sees her father as
A) an angry man
B) the most wonderful father in the world
C) a rich man
D) a great athlete
  • 12. On page 102, at the bottom, it says "She felt beautiful, although a little self-conscious." What does "self-conscious" mean?
A) uncomfortable about how she looks
B) pretty
C) awake
D) loving yourself
  • 13. Why was Maria feeling guilty on her way to the mall?
A) Because she heard about an accident and started to think she had caused her father to crash the car.
B) Because she stole make-up from her mother.
C) Because she lied to her godmother.
D) Because she told her friend Becky she would meet her at the mall, but she met a boy instead.
  • 14. Why had their trip to the mall been a "good day"
A) Because they bought a lot of nice clothes.
B) Because two boys had followed them and flirted with them.
C) Because they won a new DVD player in a contest.
D) Because they found $20 on the ground.
  • 15. Maria planned on changing in all the following way except
A) hugging her father when he got home from work.
B) watering the lawn
C) doing the dishes without being asked
D) not to talk to boys
  • 16. Why did Maria think something terrible was going to happen to her family?
A) Because a fortune teller at the mall told her that her family was doomed.
B) Because she felt guilty about not being with them on their vacation.
C) Because her family was cursed with bad luck.
D) Because her nina was upset and wouldn't tell her why.
  • 17. On the bottom fo page 106 it says "Feeling resentful as Johnny described a ride...", what does this mean?
A) Maria was scared.
B) Maria was thrilled they made it back alive.
C) Maria was hungry and wanted a hamburger from Great America.
D) Maria is mad that her family did so many cool things on their trip.
  • 18. How had Maria changed by the end of the story.
A) She was older and prettier than she was at the start.
B) She appreciated her family more.
C) She hated her family even more.
D) She was more respectful.
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