History of the Galveston Bay Area
  • 1. Who was known as the 'Father of Galveston'?
A) Jean Lafitte
B) Sam Houston
C) Stephen F. Austin
D) Michel Menard
  • 2. What major event took place in Galveston in 1836?
A) The Emancipation Proclamation
B) The Boston Tea Party
C) The California Gold Rush
D) The Battle of Galveston
  • 3. Who was the first European to set foot in the Galveston Bay area?
A) Amerigo Vespucci
B) Alonso Alvarez de Pineda
C) Hernan Cortes
D) Christopher Columbus
  • 4. Which country originally controlled the Galveston area in the 18th century?
A) Mexico
B) Spain
C) France
D) England
  • 5. What industry brought significant growth and development to Galveston in the mid-19th century?
A) Automobile Industry
B) Steel Manufacturing
C) Oil Production
D) Cotton Trade
  • 6. What is the name of the barrier island east of Galveston?
A) Long Island
B) Key West
C) Cape Cod
D) Bolivar Peninsula
  • 7. Who was the prominent architect responsible for designing iconic structures in Galveston?
A) I.M. Pei
B) Frank Lloyd Wright
C) Zaha Hadid
D) Nicholas Clayton
  • 8. Which Native American tribe once inhabited the Galveston area?
A) Sioux
B) Cherokee
C) Karankawa
D) Navajo
  • 9. What is the name of the famous Galveston mansion that survived the 1900 hurricane?
A) White House
B) Hearst Castle
C) Bishop's Palace
D) Versailles Palace
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