Yr 10 Biology Genetics pre-test
__1. alleleA. alternative forms of a gene for a characteristic
__2. autosomal chromosomesB. thread-like structures within the nucleus
__3. biodiversityC. control normal body functioning, not gender characteristics
__4. chromosomesD. the heterozygote shows expression of both alleles
__5. codominanceE. determines the trait displayed in the phenotype
__6. convergent evolutionF. variation in different species in a community
__7. dominantG. the appearance of the organism due to genotype and environm
__8. natural selectionH. tendency to unrelated organisms to show similar features
__9. phenotypeI. gives rise to well adapted species
__10. Punnet squareJ. diagram to determine offspring ratios
__11. diploidA. paired sets of chromosomes
__12. mitosisB. normal cell division
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