Hangeul alphabet history
  • 1. When was the Korean alphabet, Hangeul, invented?
A) 1600
B) 1443
C) 1392
D) 1888
  • 2. Who is credited with creating the Hangeul alphabet?
A) King Sejong
B) Yi I
C) Empress Myeongseong
D) Kim Saeng
  • 3. How many basic letters are there in the Hangeul alphabet?
A) 28
B) 24
C) 20
D) 32
  • 4. Hangeul is known for being a(n) _____ alphabet.
A) Pictographic
B) Syllabic
C) Phonetic
D) Logographic
  • 5. What was the original name of the Hangeul alphabet?
A) Joseonjaseo
B) Gungcheongmul
C) Baekdamgul
D) Hunminjeongeum
  • 6. What is the official language of South Korea that uses Hangeul?
A) Korean
B) Japanese
C) Vietnamese
D) Mandarin
  • 7. Before the invention of Hangeul, what writing system was commonly used in Korea?
A) Chinese characters
B) Arabic script
C) Devanagari script
D) Cyrillic alphabet
  • 8. Which of the following countries also has a writing system influenced by Hangeul?
A) Turkey
B) Mexico
C) Vietnam
D) India
  • 9. What is one advantage of using Hangeul over Chinese characters for writing Korean?
A) It is better for formal occasions
B) It takes up less space on paper
C) It is easier and quicker to learn
D) It is considered more artistic
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