Verb Tenses
  • 1. Select the correct verb tense to complete the sentence.

    Ryan _______________ to school with Jim yesterday.
A) rided
B) riding
C) rode
  • 2. Cody _______________ so loud!
A) barks
B) barking
C) barked
  • 3. The fifth graders _________________ to take the writing test tomorrow.
A) gone
B) will go
C) is going
  • 4. I _______________ American Idol.
A) watches
B) watching
C) watch
  • 5. My students ___________________ the online quizzes that I sent them.
A) liked
B) likes
C) liking
  • 6. The dishwasher wasn't _____________.
A) starts
B) started
C) starting
  • 7. It ________________ a lot lately.
A) rains
B) rained
C) raining
  • 8. The boys ______________ their homework at the table.
A) do
B) does
C) doing
  • 9. She __________________ her teeth before she went to bed.
A) brushing
B) brushed
C) brushes
  • 10. I ________________ so much that my stomach hurt.
A) laugh
B) laughing
C) laughed
  • 11. We _______________ at the karaoke party.
A) sings
B) will sing
C) singing
  • 12. My friends _______________ by my house today.
A) coming
B) will come
C) comes
  • 13. We _______________ our stories in class tomorrow.
A) read
B) reads
C) will read
  • 14. Keith ______________ the video tape.
A) forgets
B) forgetting
C) forgot
  • 15. The stong wind _______________ the trees sway.
A) made
B) making
C) make
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