Geoterms: Urban Sprawl
__1. HabitatsA. small towns, farms, open spaces just beyond suburbs
__2. InfillB. A major population center. Large city surround by suburbs
__3. Land UseC. Old part of big city. Downtown/Central business district
__4. Metropolitan AreaD. Developed area at edge of city. Homes, stores, businesses.
__5. Mixed-use developmentE. Ring of small towns & suburbs that surround big city.
__6. Rural FringeF. Rapid, poor planned development from Urban area out to rural
__7. SuburbG. Better use of land. "Smart Growth". Re-use developed land.
__8. Urban CoreH. Combine housing & businesses. Apartments built on businesses
__9. Urban FringeI. Fill in run-down parts of city with new development
__10. Urban SprawlJ. Environment that plants and animals live in.
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