USN Everyday Math Chapter 2
  • 1. The numbers 1,2,3 ( NOT zero)
  • 2. Listing the information or data in order from greatest to least
  • 3. the answer to subtraction problem
  • 4. The number seen most often in a set of data
  • 5. The ten symbols used used in our number system
  • 6. The smallest number in a set of data
  • 7. The little raised number to the right of a digit that tells you how many times to multiply it by itself
  • 8. the middle number in a set of data
  • 9. What is cm an abbreviation for?
  • 10. What is m an abbreviation for?
  • 11. An outstanding feature in a set of data
  • 12. The number that you divide by is called the
  • 13. Numbers that are written according to their values (1000+400+20+3)
  • 14. The largest number in a set of data
  • 15. Something that is the same or equal value or measurement
  • 16. To make an educated guess by using a strategy
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