Pronoun Contractions
  • 1. I am
A) I'm
B) Im
C) I'am
  • 2. I have
A) Ive
B) I've
C) I'v
D) I'ave
  • 3. I had
A) Id
B) I'ad
C) I'd
D) I'had
  • 4. I would
A) Id
B) I'd
C) I'old
D) I'ld
  • 5. I will
A) Ill
B) I'ill
C) I'l
D) I'll
  • 6. he is
A) hes
B) he'is
C) h'is
D) he's
  • 7. it is
A) it's
B) its
C) it'is
D) is't
  • 8. she had
A) shed
B) she'd
C) she'ad
D) sh'ed
  • 9. she would
A) shed
B) she'ould
C) she'ld
D) she'd
  • 10. he will
A) heill
B) he'll
C) he'ill
D) hel'l
  • 11. she will
A) she'l
B) shell
C) she'll
D) she'ill
  • 12. we are
A) we're
B) w'are
C) were
D) we'are
  • 13. we have
A) wev'e
B) we've
C) we'ave
D) weve
  • 14. we had
A) wead
B) wed
C) we'ad
D) we'd
  • 15. we would
A) we'ld
B) wed
C) we'd
D) we'ould
  • 16. you are
A) youre
B) yo're
C) you're
D) yore
  • 17. you have
A) yove
B) you'ave
C) youve
D) you've
  • 18. you will
A) you'll
B) you'ill
C) youll
D) yo'ull
  • 19. they are
A) they're
B) they'are
C) ther'ye
D) they'r
  • 20. they have
A) they've
B) they'v
C) theve
D) they'ave
  • 21. they will
A) the'yll
B) theyll
C) they'ill
D) they'll
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