SYSTEMS, animals and plants
  • 1. The levels of organization for living things is : CELL, TISSUE, ______, SYSTEM, ORGANISM
A) paper
B) organ
C) solar
D) plankton
  • 2. One way an animal adapts to it's environment is to
A) reproduce asexually
B) move get food or comfort
C) drinking water
D) attack like a Peruvian Slap-Pig
  • 3. The inner condition that an organism tries to maintain is called
A) heterozygous
B) homologous
C) homeostasis
D) homogeneous
  • 4. The thing or condition which prompts a change by an organism is called
A) nagging
B) environment
C) food
D) stimuli/stimulus
  • 5. When you feel thirsty, the stimulus is dryness of your mouth and the sensation of thirst. The normal _________ is to get a drink
A) reaction
B) stimulus
C) water
D) drink
  • 6. When you are scared, the glands on your kidneys secrete_______ to give you additional reaction speed, and the ability to escape.
A) oxygen
B) glycerine
C) sweat
D) adrenaline
  • 7. When you are nervous your hands start to secrete ________ to make you slippery and able to escape.
A) acid
B) blood
C) oil
D) water only
  • 8. At homeostasis your body temperature is ____ degrees Farenheit.
A) 98.6
B) 212
C) 100.1
D) 97.7
  • 9. When you hold your breath, the REAL reason you WANT to take another breath is
A) your diaphragm
B) the next breath must come in
C) the oxygen you let out
D) the excess CO2 you want to get rid of
  • 10. Warm blood, fur/hair, live birth and production/consumption of ______ qualify most mammals to belong in the classification
A) cereal
B) wine
C) cheese
D) milk
  • 11. This system carries nutrients to all the cells of an organism
A) respiratory
B) circulatory
C) skeletal
D) digestive
  • 12. This system supports, protects and helps move the organism
A) digestive
B) skeletal
C) circulatory
D) respiratory
  • 13. This system needs the skeletal system to help make the organism move
A) digestive
B) muscular
C) respiratory
D) circulatory
  • 14. This system also provides new blood cells, even though you might not think so.
A) skeletal
B) digestive
C) muscular
D) respiratory
  • 15. Nerve control of the body is to a cell, like your brain is compared to a cell
A) nucleus
B) cell membrane
C) endoplasmic reticulum
D) mitochondria
  • 16. The cell membrane is like your _______ & _____ are for your body.
A) skin and bone
B) brain and senses
C) hair and nerves
D) feet and stomach
  • 17. Adaptation always takes a long time for all organisms.
A) neither true nor false
B) false
C) sometimes
D) true
  • 18. by definition, ALL animals find a way to move. Usually to feed.
A) false
B) sometimes
D) true
  • 19. The pointed teeth of our hypothetical Peruvian Slap-Pig are an
A) hybrid
B) adaptation
C) reaction
D) homeostasis
  • 20. The environment can change around humans and we adapt by
A) invention or migration
B) shucking and jiving
C) crying and complaining
D) wishing and hoping
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