Area and Perimeter 2
  • 1. When you plant grass you need to find the ___________ of the yard.
A) area
B) perimeter
C) width
D) length
  • 2. The outer border of a plane shape is its
A) perimeter
B) area
C) length
D) width
  • 3. The area of my room is 144 square feet. Its length is 12 feet. What is its width?
A) 12 feet
B) 312 feet
C) 60 feet
D) 12 sq. feet
  • 4. Which is measured in square units?
A) volume
B) length
C) area
D) perimeter
  • 5. The perimeter of a square is 40 cm. What is the length of the square?
A) 160 cm
B) 10 cm
C) 10 sq. cm
D) 1600 cm
  • 6. Find the area of a rectangle for l= 8 inches and w = 9 inches.
A) 72 sq. in
B) 72 in.
C) 34 in.
D) 34 sq. in.
  • 7. A = lw is a formula to find
A) area of a triangle
B) perimeter of a triangle
C) area of a rectangle
D) perimeter of a square
  • 8. Side squared is the formula for the
A) area of a rectangle
B) perimeter of a square
C) area of a square
D) area of a triangle
  • 9. The area of a square is 4 inches. What is its perimeter?
A) 8 inches
B) 16 square inches
C) 16 inches
D) 8 sq. inches
  • 10. Find the perimeter of an equilateral triangle if one side measures 6 inches.
A) 36 sq. in.
B) 18 sq. inches
C) 36 in.
D) 18 inches
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